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  1. Ask any Knoxvillian to name their favorite time of the year, and most would say autumn. The fall season in Knoxville is unlike any other- surrounded by beautiful colors and the Tennessee Volunteers singing their alma mater. Nothing beats Knoxville’s fall and everybody, whether Knoxvillians or visitors, should take advantage of the season.

    Take a hike! IJAMS provides some of the best Smoky Mountain trails for any level. During the trail, you will enjoy the fall weather and Knoxville’s scenery. You can also spot some of Knoxville’s native animals and trees. Visit IJAMS.

    Due to Knoxville altitude and climate, Tennessee is known to have some of the best pumpkin patches around. So, while they’re here, why not visit one? Take a ride on a hay ride or collect some awesome fall decoration while searching for that perfect pumpkin. And don’t forget: find one with a stem. It’ll last longer! Oakes Farm

    Attend a Volunteer Football game! Football is in the heart of every Southerner. Everyone around comes to see the Vols take on their rival. During the Saturday festivities, you should join us with our famous Sailgate cruises. We take a 2-hour long cruise on the Tennessee River and let our guests indulge in our delicious hors d’oeurves, watch other football games and mingle with fellow fans. Volunteer Princess Cruises is minutes away from Neyland Stadium, so getting to the game is simple.

    For our adult fans, Knoxville has its own type of Oktoberfest: Knoxville Brewers’ Jam is an awesome beer festival. Many brewers from Knoxville come to celebrate handcrafted American beer, food and music. Make sure this is on your fall check-list for next year! Brewers’ Jam

    And, of course, enjoy one of our dinner cruises aboard our vessel here at the Volunteer Princess. The leaves and sunset make it a perfect outing with friends, family and significant others. See our list of futures cruises on our schedule page.

    Autumn is a season everyone can enjoy when in Tennessee. These are just a few places that Knoxville has to offer, so start the pumpkin carving, pie baking and keep that football cheering going… it’s fall time in Knoxville.

  2. Fall is here and Halloween is just around the corner. If you’ve grown tired of trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, here are some more exciting ways to celebrate Halloween in Knoxville.

    Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours: Knoxville is home to several reportedly haunted locations. Take a ghost tour to have a real paranormal investigator (not an actor) guide you through Knoxville to see the haunts for yourself. The walking tour lasts for approximately two hours, spending around 15 minutes at each haunted spot. Reservations are required, so visit Knox Ghost Tour for tour dates and times.

    Scare in the Square:  If you’re looking for Halloween fun the whole family can enjoy, head to Market Square on Friday, October 28 for Slamdot’s 3rd annual Scare in the Square. It lasts from 5:30-9:00 p.m. and admission is free. There will be live music and performances, costume and pumpkin carving contests, face painting and fortune telling. An assortment of creepy critters from the Knoxville Zoo is scheduled to make an appearance, as well.  Food will available from Bread of Heaven BBQ, Scooter Doo’s Hot Dogs and Rita’s Italian Ice, so be sure to come hungry! For anyone with an abnormally large sweet tooth, the candy crawl is going to hit the spot.  For more information, check out
    Scare in the Square

    Boo Cruise on the Volunteer Princess: If you are 21 or older, join us for a Boo Cruise on October 31 from 9-11 p.m. Hosted by Star 102.1, it’s sure to be a fun-filled night with eerie surprises at every turn. Guests should plan to arrive in costume and enjoy two hours of cruising down the Tennessee River while snacking on delicious food from Wild Wing Café. Please see Star 102.1 for a spooky night on the river!

    Freaky Friday Fright Nite: Farragut will be hosting its 15th annual Freaky Friday Fright Nite on Friday, October 28 from 5 – 7 p.m.  Children ages 12 and under are invited to Mayor Bob Leonard Park for trick-or-treating, cookie decorating and games. Proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House, so you’ll be having fun for a good cause. Don’t forget your costume! To learn more, visit Town of Farragut.

    Dead Man’s Farm: Dead Man’s Farm is home to the only Haunted House in Knoxville that is proven “truly haunted.”  You and a group of 10-12 others will take a self-guided tour through a house of werewolves, gypsies and any other haunts you could imagine. Children 12 and under must have parental supervision. Chicken runs are available for those who can’t handle the fear! Are you brave enough? Find out at Dead Man's Farm.

    Oakes Farm: Oakes Farm offers the best of both worlds with a corn maze and a Trail of Doom (the haunted version). Those looking for a scare-free challenge should test their luck in the corn maze. The maze is an intricate design that will test even the most logical minds. The goal is to find each of the 12 hidden posts throughout the maze, and then find the exit. Those who want a little fear with their fun should embark on the Trail of Doom. The Trail of Doom is Knoxville’s largest and longest running haunted attraction and uses special effects, actors and props to frighten its visitors. For days and times of operation, visit Oakes Farm.

    So whether you choose to take the kids to Bob Leonard Park for trick-or-treating or try your luck on the Trail of Doom, your Halloween should be one to remember. Take pictures, enjoy the beautiful weather and eat enough candy to last you until next year!
  3. This blog has taken away my Monday blues, and hopefully, will lift your ghoulish spirit for this season!

    I love autumn and everything that comes with it: the smell of hot tea and the warmth it brings, the colorful cardigans brought out from storage, grandmother’s home cooking and the shades of the leaves (especially around here at the Princess; it’s such a beautiful site).

    But, especially, I love the treats!

    Lately, I’ve had some free time on my hands to search for the latest trends in Halloween treats. I’m going to try to push for Beverly (if you don't know her, see crew page; she's our great VP) to add these on our Halloween Star 102.1 Boocruise menu.

    Star 102.1 Boocruise

    If not, I think I’ll just make the entire crew come in and make them with me. Mauahaha. Just kidding…maybe.

    These are a few great ideas you should try yourself!

    Of course, I will start with a cake! This Chocolate Pumpkin Cake says “Big Orange” and adds a touch of mystery with the dark chocolate glaze running over the sides. 

    Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

    Rice Krispies treats never go out of style. The gooey, melted marshmallows will always bring an air of your childhood back to you. With these pumpkin twists, it’s a fun way to create an edible jack o’ lantern.

    Pumpkin Rice Krispies

    Easy-peasy, orange squeezy. No, this treat has nothing to do with oranges, but it IS amazingly simply and I want one now. Oreos are dipped in whatever chocolate your taste buds crave at the time, decorated with Halloween candy.

    Oreo Pops

    Want to stay on the healthy side? Obviously, I found an alternative for all of us watching our treat-eating this season…or trying to watch. You can add anything you want in these mini lanterns, but I suggest sticking with the fruit salad. 

    Alright, I know these aren’t technically labeled as a Halloween treat, but you can decorate any kind of face on these cupcakes. Think of it as a nice little monster. Be careful though, if I was making them, most of the ingredients would be in my stomach by the time the cupcakes cool off!

    Little Monster Cupcakes

    Pascal Cupcakes              

    If you don’t have time to bake and make, just go with a simple candy dish as this one. It’s festive and easy (to eat).

    Halloween Candy Jar

    By no means are we saying you should try just these recipes. There is a whole world of bloggers and food enthusiasts who create wonderful, seasonal treats. If you have any ideas of what we should try on the yacht, by all means, let us know!

  4. Throwing a great party for all of your friends is fun and exciting. Making your party one to remember can take some serious creativity; creativity, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Here is how you can be sure to wow your friends: put a unique spin on every aspect of the party. 

    Venue: Your friends have been to your house plenty of times. Try somewhere new! Knoxville is an amazing city that has many different places perfect for private parties.

    • Rent out a section of your favorite restaurant
    • Host your party at an outdoor location, such as World’s Fair Park
    • Take your party to the water and host an event on the Volunteer Princess yacht
    •  Host your part at a traditional Knoxville landmark that doubles as an elegant and exciting party venue, for example, the Sunsphere

     Anything that is new to your friends is surely going to be a good time.

    Theme: A great way to wow your friends is to host a themed party. Incorporate your theme through entertainment, party activities, decorations, food, music, etc. Here are great party theme:

    • Decades
    • Hollywood or Las Vegas
    • Luau
    • Fiesta
    • Black Tie
    • Under the Sea

    You get the idea! If your group of friends has a favorite movie, try hosting a party themed after the film. This is always a good call you can invite your guests to show up in themed costumes!

    Entertainment: Having extra entertainment available is always a good idea. Hire a live band or a DJ to get your party rockin’ and rolllin’. Other live acts can be a blast as well; stand up comedians and magicians do private events for great prices. You could also have party activities to keep your guests entertained: games, a scavenger hunt, karaoke and contests are always a hit.

    Food: The food is one of the most important aspects of your party. There are many options to offer: snacks, heavy hors d’oeuvres or a full course meal. The food is another great way to incorporate your theme. If your budget allows it, have your party catered. The food will be delicious and it will take a lot of work off your shoulders. Don’t forget about dessert; instead of having a typical cake, try a cupcake stand, fondue station or sundae bar!

    Decorations: Theme! Theme! Theme! No theme? Decorations can still liven up a party and make it a really special event. Balloons, signs, pictures, streamers and other décor ensures your guests are in party mode.

    Don’t forget the details! Often it’s the little aspects of a party that count. Handing out party favors to your guests as they leave gives them a way to remember your party. Sending home extra food always makes happy guests, too!


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